About this site

Who this site is for and what we aim to achieve with it

Our aim with this site is to help people make better museum websites out of WordPress by providing access to a range of articles, worksheets and online courses – and we hope also to help connect up a growing community of users as well.

Although WordPress is an extremely easy tool to use (and this ease is absolutely key to its popularity..), there are lots of tips and tricks which are useful to anyone developing a museum website using it – things like..

  • ..choosing whether to build your site using wordpress.com or wordpress.org
  • ..how to create “exhibition” pages
  • ..getting your museum collection online
  • ..keeping your WordPress site safe from hackers
  • ..backing up and keeping things up to date
  • ..integrating with ticketing systems

Over the coming months, we’ll be continuing to develop a range of resources to help museums with these things – everything from worksheets to courses. We’re also very keen to engage with the museum community as much as possible – so if you have specific questions or problems you’re wrestling with in WordPress, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help – maybe by writing something about the topic. 

Some of our resources will require technical skills to implement them, but we’re hoping to keep them as user-friendly as possible. If you get stuck, you can always contact us and we’ll try to help.

Take a look at the resources, join the mailing list, or get in touch if you have ideas for the site.

Who made this?

This site has been made by Mike Ellis, who together with his wife runs Thirty8 Digital, a tiny web agency based in Cornwall, UK. We work almost exclusively with museums: consulting, producing websites and delivering training material both face to face and online.